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About Us

Hello, My name is Jean Macdonald and I call myself the Midlife Midwife.

I support women going through their midlife transition, usually in their forties, into confident, courageous, classy midlife women who want to leave their mark in the world.

Why do I do that?
Because too many women at this time of life feel lost, worthless and alone, and it doesn’t have to be this way.

I wrote Love Sex and the Midlife Woman and then started the Midlife Women Community on Facebook which has become the Midlife Butterfly Club.   I like the metaphor of the journey from being a Caterpillar in a chrysalis breaking out to become a beautiful Butterfly.

I can’t claim expertise in all the areas that affect and afflict midlife women so I have enlisted the help of the  specialist Experts introducing themselves below, so that we always have someone available to help with your needs and answer your questions.

I have two grown up daughters and live on my own in the hills near Manchester in the North of England.  I run a number of philanthropic projects and have a black cat who is called Dominique for very personal reasons.


Jean Macdonald

Hello, I’m Andrea Pielago, and I work as Jean’s Assistant. I take care of our magazine, social media, and design for the Butterfly Club. I live in the Philippines with my husband and four children. I feel destined to work here, especially since I’ve noticed that I myself am already on a midlife journey. I’ll be sharing music on Music Sundays in the magazine, so stay tuned. Feel free to share in the comments if you want the song of your life to be featured.

Andrea Pielago

Frances Day – Energy Coach 

Hello I am Frances Day,  I am an Energy Coach, Priestess and Spiritual Healer who helps women to break out of destructive patterns and relationships. I show women all over the world how to raise their frequency and become the woman they are meant to be.

I’ve just had my big milestone birthday, 60 this year. I have 3 children, two boys and a girl, and four grandchildren. I live in Halifax, West Yorkshire and grew up in South Africa, so have had a rich and varied life. I wish I’d known in my 20s what I know now, because I had some big lessons to learn along the way.

Frances Day

Annie Den Haan – Self Expression Stylist

Hello I am Annie Den Haan. I am a Self-Expression Stylist who empowers career and businesswomen 50+ to find their Superhero Cape so they can embody their truest selves with a style to match.  I have always had a passion for style and fashion as a form self-expression and have run several successful businesses in that area.

I’ve had a colorful, surprising and adventurous life (which includes a couple of years living in a religious cult).  In midlife, I found the stimulus for style an invaluable resource for reinventing myself after an ‘Incurable’ cancer diagnosis.   I live on beautiful Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. My daughter and son are grown up and live nearby so we can still enjoy adventures together.

Annie Den Haan

Vix Munro – Financial Coach

I recently moved from London to Somerset with my partner and I’m enjoying life in the country. It’s a big change after living in the big smoke for so long. I’m originally from New Zealand and have been in the UK for over 30 years now, though I head back to New Zealand as often as I can. My partner and I were there for four months last winter, which was great as it was summer there. Ultimately, I’d like to have back-to-back summers every year.

I’m getting closer and closer to achieving this. I see life as a beautiful journey with lots of opportunities for growth, learning and connection.

Vix Munro

Melanie Hill – Transformational Coach and Shamanic Healer

My life took a profound turn while supporting my daughter’s transition from male to female, challenging my understanding of societal norms, motherhood and identity. This experience propelled me to help parents connect deeply with their children, beyond surface appearances.

Proudly, my daughter has triumphed over her struggles, now a doctor from Oxford University. My journey also includes overcoming personal losses and violence in South Africa, leading me to a safer life in Europe. Here, I’m dedicated to helping others, drawing from my own experiences of diversity, resilience and transformation.

Melanie Hill

Jean’s Mission

Today I am focussed on empowering midlife women to take on their rightful role in a truly gender equal society and want to find 10,000 women who I can empower on that journey.

Many will become coaches, therapists and other practitioners, some will already be. I will encourage them to focus on empowering midlife women so the number empowered will continue to grow.

Why do we need a New Midlife Women Community and a Midlife Butterfly Club?

Many women arrive at a point in their lives, any time between 35 and 65 where they become profoundly dissatisfied with being someone else’s Mother, Wife, Daughter, Daughter-in-Law, Employee, Carer and other subservient roles. They find themselves trapped in these roles without scope to find or become themselves or find their true purpose which they know is in there somewhere.

There are social programming obstacles which they must overcome to break free. One is that men deserve a superior role in relationships, in business and in society. My advantage in this area is that having been a man, I am able to disabuse women of these myths.

I don’t try to cover all the areas  midlife women need to know about and enlist the help of specialist experts in all the areas that midlife women have to take control and responsibility for.

The long-term aim is for more women to become independent and step into their feminine power and fulfil their Purpose. This is usually for betterment of our society and very often by cooperating in groups with other midlife women.

Jean Macdonald – The Midlife Midwife

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