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Do you feel there should be more to life than the life you are living now? 

Do you feel you are a woman wandering in the dark?

Are you living the life others want for you,
rather than what you want for yourself?

Do you feel confused or uncertain about your future?

Is it time to wake the powerful woman within You?

If this is you, read on…

Transition is a
Time of Change

Most women go through some sort of midlife transition, usually around 45 to 55, where they wake up to who they really are and what they want out of life.

However, this transition is also a time of change, anxiety, stress and fear about what the future holds. 

We liken this to the transition from being a Caterpillar to becoming a Butterfly.

If this is you – Welcome to the Midlife Butterfly Club

We aim to give you:

Clarity about what is happening to you.

Confidence that you can take control and
change the things in your life that you want to.

Certainty that you know who are,  where you are going, and that there is a bright future for you on the other side.

 If this resonates with you so far, join the Butterfly Club now as a Silver member, at no cost, to access our online magazine with helpful guidance for midlife women.

Plus get your Joining Bonus of answers to 12 Frequently Asked Questions about being a Midlife Woman, and whether you are one or not!

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Hello, my name is Jean Macdonald

I am known as the Midlife Midwife because I help midlife women reinvent themselves for the second half of their lives.

I began my mission by writing my book Love Sex and the Midlife Woman. I quickly realised midlife women face issues that go far beyond intimate relationships. These include Health, Wealth, Confidence and Family.

We call ourselves the Midlife Butterfly Club because the woman’s midlife transition is like the journey made by a Caterpillar to become a Butterfly. It is inevitably uncomfortable but with a beautiful outcome.

Our aim is to provide you with information, guidance, and inspiration to support you going through your ‘Midlife Transition’. In addition,  you can  listen to and learn from other women who have successfully navigated their own midlife transition.

If you are a woman in middle life feeling confused and isolated, then join us to gain clarity about what is happening to you, confidence that you can deal with it, and certainty you can create a bright future for yourself.

I look forward to meeting you in the Butterfly Club.

Love Jean x

New midlife Woman to Midlife Butterfly Club

Our Purpose & Manifesto

The Midlife Butterfly Club aims to Wake the Woman Within and release the energy and talent locked up in midlife women, which our society doesn’t yet recognise or value.

As the Dalai Lama says, the best hope for the western world is its women.

Together we can change our society for the better!

Join the Butterfly Club

Wake the Woman Within

You can join us at no cost by becoming a Silver Member. You will, then have access to all our magazine articles, videos and podcasts and receive regular updates about what is happening and coming up in the Butterfly Club.
Silver Membership is Free

Then when you feel ready you can progress to become a Gold Member and get access to our Experts and Contributors and learn what they do to support midlife women on their journey.
You also have access to our Resource Centre which has many tools, courses, and programmes to deal with different aspects of the Midlife Woman’s journey.
Gold Membership costs £19.95 or $22.50 per month.

Finally if you feel you could do with more guidance you can progress to Platinum Membership where you have access to all Club facilities plus mentorship from Jean and the Expert Team.
 Platinum membership costs $49.95 or $62 per month.

We look forward to you joining us.

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What Our Members Say About Us

I am so thankful for the Midlife Butterfly Club. I now know that what I am going through is normal and that there is support out there. It’s nice to talk to other woman who know exactly what I am going through.

The Midlife Butterfly Club is exactly the support I need while I find myself wondering where I’m going and what the heck I’m here for at the age of 50!! It is very reassuring to be in touch with others who are going through it too.

The Midlife Butterfly Club  offers us the support and knowledge we need as midlife women.  As a retired teacher,  I know the value of correct knowledge. “Knowledge is Power” was first written in 1668 in the book Leviathan by T. Hobbes.

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What do I get from the Butterfly Club?
We equip our members with the knowledge and tools to deal with the annoying day-to-day issues, disappointments and frustrations of middle life.

Our Online Magazine is set-up to fit with your busy lifestyle. You get a steady flow of short articles about  issues that affect and afflict midlife women with tips on how to deal with them. You also get recordings of interviews with women who have successfully negotiated their midlife transition. These are available as audio tracks to download to your phone and listen to while doing other things.

Our Meet the Experts pages connect you with specialists in areas that midlife women must deal with either now or in the future.  I interview all our Experts and recordings of their interviews are available to you as podcasts so you can listen to them on your phone while driving or walking your dog.

In the Resource Centre you will find articles, features, videos, and interviews to get the guidance and support you need to deal with issues that are bothering you. You can ask our Experts or me for guidance.

Personal Attention – When you became a Platinum Member,  you will have the opportunity to review your personal situation and needs and discuss them with me or another Tutor.  I am offering each new Platinum member an hour of my time to review where you are now and look at ways you can move forward.

Act now to join the Midlife Butterfly Club and get clarity on your present position, confidence to deal with and change it,  and certainty about your better future..

What does it cost?    

The cost of Gold membership is only  £19.95 or $22.50  per month,

International equivalents
USD $22.50 per month

Euro €‎22.50 per month

You can cancel at any time.

Money Back Guarantee.
If you decide within the first month the Butterfly Club is not for you, you can cancel and get a refund of your full subscription.

Membership Options

No commission fee or contract. You can cancel anytime.
Money Back Guarantee if you cancel in the first month







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If you are not yet ready to join the Midlife Butterfly Club, come back regularly to read the new articles in the Magazine  and we hope you find them helpful.

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