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Welcome to the  the Midlife Butterfly Club Magazine.

These articles, videos, and podcasts are to help you deal with some of the usual difficulties that midlife women have to face, particularly to do with Health, Finances, Partners, Confidence and Family , so that you can move towards living the life you want.

The items you see below will slowly move down and disappear as we add a new one every few days.

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Welcome to Midlife Butterfly Club Magazine

Welcome to the Midlife Butterfly Club Magazine

The articles, videos and podcasts here aim to educate, entertain or inspire you about issues faced by midlife women during their Midlife Transition. This midlife transition we talk about is the journey women make from being ‘a young woman’ to being ‘a midlife woman’ and defining themselves and their roles…

What-Questions-are you-asking yourself about your life?

What does it mean to be a Midlife Woman?

It can be a confusing time to be  a woman in midlife transition. Many women get through this uncomfortable transition without realising what it was, until it is over. Others get tangled up in the issues of the midlife transition and become stuck or make unfortunate mistakes. For these reasons…


Divorce with Less Tears

Divorce with Less Tears The Butterfly Club has just run a Divorce with Less Tears online event over three evenings this week. We had two amazing speakers, Shauna Lee from Texas USA, and Annie Den Haan from British Columbia Canada. In addition, we had a panel of VIP Guests from…


Sunday Music Vibes

Hey there, lovely souls! Today, we're taking a moment to appreciate the incredible journey of midlife women with the iconic tune "I'm A Woman" by the wonderful Peggy Lee. From life experiences to the strength that comes with age, this song reminds us of the power and grace that midlife…

Alison Pilling

Is my Sex Life over at 45? 

Is my Sex Life over at 45? Would you like it to be? The type of Sex Life you have after 45 is up to you. Whether you already have a sex life or not, and whatever that might mean to you, it could change and change again. As you…

Why you may not be getting the Love You Desire No 4

Why you may not be getting the Love You Desire No.4

Why you may not be getting the Love You Desire  No. 4 Ignoring Early Signs of Bad Behaviour These days we are becoming aware of many more cases of abusive behaviour of women by men. That is not to say that the incidence of abusive behaviour is more widespread. Hopefully…


Nothing to Wear for a Dinner Date

I Had Nothing to Wear for a Dinner Date And How I Fixed it by Annie Den Haan. Over the holidays, I got asked out by a lovely man for a dinner date. Couldn’t wait to put my outfit together. I’m a stylist, after all. Therefore, I should have great…


Changing Partners in Middle Life

Changing Partners in Middle Life with Heather Garbutt In this Expert Interview for the Midlife Butterfly Club, we have Heather Garbutt who is a renowned Love and Relationship Coach.  She and I are discussing one of the most important issues that face women in middle life. As we experience the…


Music Sunday – Miley Cyrus – Flowers

This Sunday, let's soak in the soulful vibes of Miley Cyrus's song 'Flowers.' Embracing the beauty of the lyrics, it resonates with the experiences of midlife women - a journey of growth, resilience, and blooming in the midst of life's challenges. Miley's powerful vocals and the meaningful lyrics capture the…


Language of Love

Well, here we are very near to St Valentine’s Day and I am happy to say that our whole month dedicated to helping you find more love is well underway in the Butterfly Club. Many of the articles, videos, and podcasts are to do with finding a love partner. You…


Why you may not be getting the Love You Desire No.3

Why you may not be getting the Love You Desire  No.3 In the third of my videos about finding and keeping love in middle life, I talk about knowing what you want. Following my idea that you should take the role of an interviewer, you should what they do! That…


The Seasons of Love

The Seasons of Love Most of love songs and poems claim that their love is undying and will never change. However, what we experience and observe tell us that love does change as we grow older. Many couples who experience that heady romantic love end up living together but barely…

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