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How well do you get on with your Family?

Do some of your Family members irritate or upset you?

At least sometimes?       

It is rare to be part of a family where this does not happen, sometimes.

We tend to think other people have dream families. Nearly always it turns out not to be true.

Are there people in your family who you would rather not be around? Do you feel guilty or resentful about that?

Family & Friends is a broad area covering many groups that can impact our emergence as midlife women. Within the main groups, there are sub-groups, each of which can have its own way of seeing things and behaving towards you. Very often they talk about you behind your back and this can produce upsetting results.

Understanding your Family & Friends involves looking at each group as a category and then at each individual separately. The groups and sub-groups are likely to be as follows:

  • Children – Young, Teenagers, Adult
  • Parents – Young, Old, Infirm and In-Law, Grand Parents
  • Siblings – Older, Younger, and In-Law
  • Friends – Inherited, Dependent, Close, Fairweather, and Toxic

We will be looking at each of these sub-groups here and in the Butterfly Club Magazine and identifying common behaviour patterns among them.  There are always exceptions of course, but I think you will recognise some familiar faces among your wider circle of Friends and Family.

Love Jean

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