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Language of Love

Well, here we are very near to St Valentine’s Day and I am happy to say that our whole month dedicated to helping you find more love is well underway in the Butterfly Club.

Many of the articles, videos, and podcasts are to do with finding a love partner.

You may not be looking for a new love partner, but we are all looking for more love.

St Valentine’s Day is a good time for rejuvenating the love between you and your partner. Some couples even take the opportunity of renewing their vows. I talk about many midlife women experiencing a ‘Love Deficit’. They give out more love than they get back.

If you are not getting enough love back from your partner, the question I would ask is ‘Are you giving the right kind of love?’
We know that in order receive you need to give first. If you are giving the wrong sort of love, it won’t bring you much back.
Do you know your partner’s Love Language? In his book ‘Five Love Languages’ Gary Chapman tells us that you might like receiving love in a certain way but it can be quite meaningless the other way around.

He explains there are five principal ways to demonstrate love and you need to identify which means most to your partner. Then you need to shower him with his favourite ways to receive love in order to get yours back.
Of course, if he is like most men, you may need to give him some help. Get the book, read it, and then leave it around. Maybe you could quiz him on which he thinks is his favourite language of love. If he is the man for you, he will then ask you for yours!
You will be able to read extracts from Gary Chapman’s book and find details of how to get it in the Love and Intimacy section of the Resource Centre of the Butterfly Club.

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