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What is meant by Emotional Freedom?

Audio Podcast – What is meant by Emotional Freedom?

We know women are both more intuitive and more emotional than men. These are very good attributes to have, but sometimes they work to our disadvantage.

Have you had situations in your life where your emotions prevented you from saying or doing the things you rationally want to say or do? There are usually deep reasons in our past why this happens which we have forgotten about or don’t recognise are having an effect on us, maybe years later.

Helping to free women who suffer with these conditions is what Anya Berry does. Anya has various ways she can help women to find and recognise these conditions.

She kindly let me interview about her work and you can listen to that interview here. It is only 15 minutes long and you listen to it on your phone while doing other things.

Here is the link to listen



Anya Berry

Anya Berry is an Emotional Freedom Therapist who helps women over 50 to recover from past bad experiences that they may not even remember and find their true selves and to shine from within. She calls herself the Self Love Luminary and is building the world’s most empowering self-love movement for I million women. The best way to contact Anya is through her Facebook Page

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