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How are you doing in Life?

When a woman reaches middle life, typically somewhere between 45 and 55, she can feel her life start to fall apart.

Up to that point, you have been a busy mother, wife or partner, home builder, employee or careerist, and general problem solver for all the people around you.

Midlife Wheel (A Woman’s Lot is not an Easy One)Now you can feel you are losing your grip and your roles. Your children are growing up, your partner may be becoming more difficult, your work is no longer fulfilling, and maybe your parents are developing new needs.

On top of this comes your perimenopause which makes you feel awful some of the time with all sorts of side effects like brain fog, irritability and skin problems.

In this combination of circumstances you understandably don’t know how to improve things with so many changes happening and demands coming at you.

To help you we have created a simple six-question survey where you rate the different areas of your life as you see and feel about them today.

If you want understand better where you are and how to start taking better control of your life, just fill in the survey below and submit it.

Where are you now? – Survey (

I will then send you a simple report and then you decide what to do from there.


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