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Looking After Yourself At Christmas Emotional Release

Emotional Release about Looking After Yourself at Christmas with Anya Berry

In our final Emotional Release session Anya Berry takes us through some steps which enable us to take a more positive approach to looking after ourselves at Christmas.

This episode takes only 9 minutes. Its aim is to make us more willing to give more time and attention to self-care before, during and after Christmas.

Anya has a short routine for us to relieve this particular cause of stress. Use it frequently to alleviate stress, anxiety and worry about making time for you. I suggest you watch the video first to learn or remind yourself about the tapping technique.

Then download the audio track to your phone so you can repeat the process whenever and wherever it is convenient to do so.

Here is the link for the audio track

Enjoy and feel the release from pre-Christmas stress that it brings you.
Love Jean

Anya Berry is an Emotional Freedom Coach. She specialises in supporting Women to release themselves from past traumas, limiting beliefs and negative emotions in their lives to create a life of peace, happiness, and freedom. Anya works online with her clients individually and in groups as well as face-to-face. Anya can be contacted at

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