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Myth of the Lone Ranger or Why can’t I do it alone?

One of the myths that women, as well as men, are subject to is the Lone Ranger or Solo Hero.

She overcomes all obstacles and challenges by individual endeavour and persistence.
She thinks she needs to do it all herself and doesn’t want to ask for help.

Like all misleading myths, it contains some truth. There is a time when we need to face up to a tough situation and exercise willpower to deal with it.

However, investigating, preparing, and checking are necessary to prevent foolhardy and impulsive action.

There is little doubt that the true Lone Ranger would spend time talking to people to get the full picture before he pulled out his guns and started firing. Unfortunately, that does not create the action film footage required for the average Western.

The truth is that most people who achieve anything much in life do ask for and take advice.

Whose opinion should you ask?

Better to ask people who are Doers, not just Talkers. If possible, find people who have dealt with similar problems or opportunities.

Beware of people who give you their unasked-for opinions. Only talk about your issues or plans to people who know and have experience of those areas. Avoid talking to people who don’t need to know.  Their advice is likely to be negative and based on their own fears and cynicism.

Hope this helps

Love Jean

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