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Spring Into Wellness

Spring into Wellness Chat Show

Hello, I’m Jean Macdonald from the Midlife Butterfly Club.

In our current era of declining health and overwhelmed healthcare services, what are your prospects for a healthy and happy life in old age?

The time to take action is now, while you’re in middle life and have choices. You can either make relatively painless decisions now to ensure a good later life, or do nothing and face a painful, miserable, and drawn-out old age.

Three issues can afflict our health in middle life and beyond:

  • Menopause: Although it’s expected to end, some women report perimenopausal symptoms even after 15 years. Regardless of severity, there are many non-medical steps you can take to minimize these symptoms.
  • Gut Health: From digestive troubles to chronic conditions like food intolerances and skin complaints, maintaining gut health is crucial. Recent recognition of its importance suggests transformative results are possible with proper care.
  • Diabetes: Often associated with men, nearly as many women suffer from it. While medical consensus says Type Two Diabetes is irreversible, growing evidence suggests it can be reduced or even reversed.

We will have a line-up of three Experts to reveal the latest thinking about reducing the impact of these conditions on our bodies.

Come and join us, you will take away a list of simple actions so that you can change your current health into Wellness for the coming Spring and Summer.

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