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Different Symptoms of MENOPAUSE

MenopuaseMENOPAUSE  and Different Symptoms

Susan says:woman going through menopause Not many people realise that there are approximately 34 different symptoms of menopause, of which every woman will have a unique experience. Along with all the physical symptoms, it causes personality changes, mood changes, behaviour changes and emotional changes. As well as other stresses and anxieties, fatigue, brain fog, forgetfulness, confusion…. the list goes on.



Here is an article sent to me by Shannon Douglas who is a member in New Zealand from a Menopause Coach Susan in the US. Shows how international the Butterfly Club is getting lol!

These symptoms and changes can cause peculiar behaviour, as well as a quiet struggle with low self-confidence and self-esteem. Menopause earns its nickname ‘the change’ for its physical, mental, and emotional transformations, making self-understanding and adjustment a challenging endeavour.

All the symptoms take over and you’re just not yourself. Self-reflection can sometimes be your best servant or your greatest enemy as you can either accept the changes and work with them or feel embarrassed about or hate yourself because of your behaviours and ways the other non-physical symptoms affect you.

It’s not an easy road and is so misunderstood. And due to these changes, we notice peoples change in attitude towards us, friends, family, work colleagues, acquaintances, even people you don’t even know! And it’s pretty bloody hard to deal with. So before you judge, shun and talk about a woman behind her back because of their changes and behaviours, and before you allow those changes and behaviours to have a lasting impression on you, ‘pause’ for thought….

Kindly consider that it’s not them, it’s menopause – aka the Jekyll and Hyde syndrome. This article explains it perfectly.

love Susan

Do read Susan’s Article and read her story on her website.

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