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What questions are you asking yourself?

The most important questions for  women arriving at middle life are:
‘Who Am I now?’ and ‘What is my future?

They want to know ‘What is happening in my life’ or when they get here it might be:
‘Am I a midlife woman?’ or ‘What does it mean to be a Midlife Woman?’

If you have had teenage children, you will recognise a similar process as they struggle to come to terms with their life and body changing, but not yet understanding what is happening.

I have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and my attempted answers.
I have 11 so far and maybe you can come up with some more. If so please let me know.

When you join us as a Silver member we send you a series of short emails which  deal with the most common questions, one or two at a time, so you have time to digest the answers.

Here is a summary of the first one –  Am I a midlife woman?  How do I know if I am a midlife woman?

Do you feel certain things in your life is changing due external circumstances and moving out of your control?

These may include health, children, partner, work, money, parents, confidence or other uncertainties in your life?
Do you feel if they get any worse, you may not be able to cope.

These are typical symptoms that you are moving into the woman’s midlife transition.
But don’t worry, like a caterpillar in a chrysalis, it is uncomfortable but there will be a beautiful outcome.

I hope these Frequently Asked Questions and our answers to the help you understand more about being a midlife woman.

We send you a complete list of the Questions and Answers in one document at the end of the FAQ sequence.

To receive them join the Butterfly Club as a Silver Member.
It is free and won’t cost you anything.

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Love Jean

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